About Us


Hon. Dean Martin

Owner & Senior Developer

A multiple business owner and entrepreneur.  Mr. Martin has over 35 years of software development experience and 25 years as a licensed insurance agent.  

Mr. Martin retired as Arizona's 31st State Treasurer in 2010. As Arizona's Chief Financial Officer he was elected to clean up and rebuild a scandal ridden office. As Treasurer he predicted "the great recession" and despite the abysmal economy made taxpayers over $1 billion in profits from investments. Dean has been recognized nationally as "Hero of the Taxpayer" and a three time winner of the "Freedom of Information Award". In 2004 he was recognized as a top community leader by the Business Journal. Prior to Treasurer, Mr. Martin served as a Senator and Finance Chairman. Treasurer Martin retired from public service in 2010.

His experience in technology, finance, and legal arenas has made him in demand as business consultant since retiring from public office.  BenefitWerx was created to make life easier for both employees and employers.